Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weird - Maybe......Wonderful - Definitely!

I often search for "weird" on etsy just to see what comes up. Some things are just weird but some are absolutely wonderful. This will be a monthly feature showcasing some wonderful weirdness that can be found on etsy.
This item is from etsy seller Spiderwoodhollow and may be one of my favorite items ever found on etsy. The artist takes pieces of found driftwood and moss and adds copper wire webs as well as wire spiders to create the stunning pieces.

She has different shaped webs - all creatively beautiful. She also sells just the spiders which are cute all on their own. Her shop is definitely worth clicking through.

This next item is from etsy seller igotcooties. She offers many different cooties - she has caring cooties, warrior cooties, and even apology cooties. Her location is even listed as "cootie-ville". This is a very creative, fun item that I think is definitely wonderfully weird. She even has a blog that has photos of "traveling cooties" if you want to see where here cooties go.

Stop by her shop - she has cooties for every occasion to fit all your cootie needs.

This item is from seller justJB. It is a polymer clay turtle shell with the steampunk style gears and other watch pieces. The description reads: "A turtle's shell is strong protection from most any danger; worn over the heart, it surely would keep away some of the most dangerous things. In a world where gears and screws and other metal bric-a-brac might go zooming off of your neighbor's flying contraption, it's better to be safe than sorry." There is a lot of steampunk style items on etsy - I just found this one to be more interesting and creative than a lot of them - definitely wonderfully weird.

This next item is from OddBob. What do you do with those old record albums? OddBob makes "GrooveBowls". You even get the original album cover with the bowl.

Stop by OddBob shop - he may have your favorite classic groove bowl album.
This item is from seller AwakenJournaling. There are many beautiful leather journals and bookmarks offered. I really liked this idea of a journal pendant - a scroll with paper inside - you could have it ready when traveling or hiking to catch your thoughts - and it doesn't just look like a book slung around your neck. Very wonderfully and creativiely weird.

Check back next month for more wonderful weirdness.