Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Giant Funky Granny

I've been asked by several people recently when and how I first learned to crochet.  Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the CGOA crochet e-newsletter.

I first learned to crochet in the early 70's. I was taught by a neighborhood friend's mother. She gave me a g hook and some white scrap yarn and taught me how to make a granny square. Shortly after that lesson, my friend and her mother moved, thus making that my first and only lesson. I didn't know what else to do but to continue working on that granny square.

My mother would buy me skeins of white yarn, whatever was on sale, and I would go around and around my granny square. I remember being very excited when she finally bought me a set of hooks, so much so that I had to try out every hook on my granny square. Eventurally, I guess I tired of the square and began to learn other stitch patterns. I now have a giant, odd shaped, many shades of white, giant funky granny square.

I guess my friend's mother taught me the granny sqaure because granny square's were popular in the early 70's. I wonder how many crocheter's taught in the early 70's have giany funky granny squares of their own. Did everyone who learned in the 70's learn the granny square? Did crocheter's learning to crochet when my grandmother was a child learn how to make fine lace or doillies or whatever was popular at the time? What are today's beginners learning first?

Granny squares seem to have made a come back. Maybe there will be another generation of giant funy grannies!

(Note:  I still have my giant funky granny square - is my doggie's favorite blanket.)