Thursday, April 8, 2010

A New Look For a Fresh Start

I decided to finally make a new blog since the focus of my work has changed somewhat. I've stopped making the BikiniMeBeautiful Swimwear line except for special custom orders (Pattie ;-) some time ago. My love of learning new techniques and working with a wide range of materials lead me to making wire, thread, and sculpted clay pieces - mainly jewelry.

Selling them came about much the same way as the crocheted garments, wear one and always have a card with your email, blog or website address handy if someone tells you they like it or asks, "where did you get that?" [Tip: Put a small photo of a piece of your work on the card so when they come across your card they will remember why they have it.]

I am still publishing crochet patterns here and there. Thank you to all at who have made one of my designs. It truly is the highest form of flattery and designers appreciate every stitch you make. I hope to have time soon to publish more patterns and some tutorials on Ravelry.

For those not familiar, Ravelry is a wonderful online community of knitters and crocheters - membership is free. If you are a pattern designer, even if you've never published a pattern in a book or a magazine, you can self publish - free or for sale - on Ravelry. [Look for future post on a few tips to making patterns for publication.]

I hope everyone likes the new look the new content for this next chapter in my pursuit of creativity.