Friday, April 23, 2010

Sorry Granny, This Is Not Your Crochet!

Crochet has come a long way from the doilley's of the 50's, the apron's and snoods of the 60's, the granny square's of the 70's, the over sized and over colored sweaters of the 80's, with mainstream progress finally coming in the 90's, to the Crochet Couture of Today.

Crochet has grown and flourished, finally able to hold it's own on modern fashion runways. Top designers now incorporate crochet into their collections.

Crochet is no longer the ba#!&^* step child of knitting but a glorious art form of it's own. It is finally being recognized as a technique superior to knitting in it's versatility, unique in it's distinctive non-commerically produced look.

In today's fast paced world, the pursuit of the handmade can be a means to center and replenish our souls, to grow and connect with ourselves and others, to meditate, reflect, relax, regroup.

Crochet is now fashionable, fun, funky, artful, and everything in between. Join the revolution. Learn new skills or teach someone to crochet!

BikiniMeBeautiful Swimwear Line
Participate in a Crochet Tree Chain - make a pledge to teach three people to crochet - have each one of them pledge to teach at least one person to crochet. Even if you only teach a person the very basics of crochet - they may continue learning on their own.

When I was 8 - a freinds mom taught me the granny square - that was my first and only lesson and I have not put down my hook since!

Start building your Tree Chain today! Email me and I'll post your Tree Chain progress -

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