Friday, April 9, 2010

Mandala Series - Honoring Extraordinary Individuals

I began work on a crocheted art series some time ago - a series of Mandalas to honor remarkable individuals I've encountered in my everyday life. Mandala is Sanskrit for 'whole world' or 'healing circle' and is a representation of the universe.

I've posted three of the mandalas in my series. I hope in reading through you find some inspiration as well and invite you to think about any remarkable individuals you've come across in your own everyday life. I'd like this feature page to be a place to post projects others have made to honor somoeone in their own life who has made a difference in their world or inspired them in some way to be a better person.

I invite you to submit a project you've made to honor someone along with a few words about why you chose this person for your project and in sharing - invite others to be inspired too! Submit your story and project to: